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Creating Statement Floral Pieces For Your Wedding

Having bold, beautiful, WOW factor statement pieces at your wedding is such a joyful way to set the tone with something unique that your guests and YOU will enjoy and remember about the day forever.

Some couples choose to go all in on a large statement floral piece and focus on these and have minimal table decor. While others still go the whole shebang on ceremony and table flowers whilst taking the whole vibe to the next level with a big statement piece (or two!).

The great thing about having a professional floral designer at the ready is that they will be able to take on board your ideas and inspiration and guide, suggest and create something to suit your specific wedding venue.

Work with what's available in your event space or re purpose a forgotten area into something magical.

Some of our favourite places to create statement floral installations to enhance the style and romance of a wedding are:

Entrance arrangements

Large sculptural table pieces on tall stands

Big floral bursts on arches

Statement bar flower arrangements

Stairway arrangements

Ground arches/ceremony nests

Hanging statement pieces above bridal tables/dance floors/guest tables.

To discuss how the Sierra Blooms team can bring the floral magic to your big day with truly gorgeous statement pieces please contact us at or you can download our free Styling and Price Guide here.

Some inspiration from one of our recent weddings where the couple put their trust in us to create their beautiful statement pieces for the ceremony and reception.

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