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Daily Rituals

With the eventful yet kind of uneventful year that was 2020 I found that a lot of my habits and routines went out the window. I went from an avid saver to a crazy online spender. I went a bit bat shit crazy when the powers that be made going to day care an issue (fair enough) and then closed the playgrounds. I didn’t quite know what to do with myself going forward with all the wedding restrictions and resulting postponements. It sounds great in theory to have a year off but it’s a bit boring plus I love my job. Not to mention border closures and parts of 2020 where we couldn’t travel beyond X amount of kms.

Hopefully we all came out of 2020 with our own coping mechanisms.

For me, I discovered the beauty in making rituals of the small things and daily life.

As Jasper Ter Kuile writes in his book ‘The Power of Ritual’ it’s all about ‘Intention, Attention, Repetition’

For example, I love to beat the afternoon slump with a chai tea ritual. This involves heating a small saucepan of milk (dairy/plant based/whatever) on the stove and adding a few spoons of chai spice mix. I love that it makes me pay attention while I measure everything out. I enjoy smelling the spices while it heats and then savouring it while I drink it (alone in the

kitchen when I have plonked the kids in front of the TV or a toy so I can have a break).

Another nice way to bring peace to my day is through ‘Moving the crystals to the windowsill’

Which involves collecting them (from yesterday's window sill), deciding where I want to put them today and then placing them on the new windowsill. I make a point of looking out of the new window and reminding myself to appreciate this day and the weather outside. Whether it is misty, rainy, sunny or dark/before sunrise.

I feel it’s just helpful for starting the day with a positive mindset.

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