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How to Maximise Your Wedding Budget

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The average Australian couple spend between $27000 and $36000 on their wedding day!

At Sierra Blooms I would say we are middle of the range on the price scale. We are not the cheapest but not the most expensive wedding florist. On average our customers spend around $3000-$5000 for their wedding flowers. This includes the wedding party, ceremony flowers and reception flowers.

For the majority of our couples their wedding flowers are their only real decor spend (beyond what is included in their venue packages).

Our advice for maximising your wedding flower budget boils down to one main point:

Set a budget and then find a wedding florist you love and trust them to guide you about how to get the most impact for your wedding vision, style and set up. Each ceremony and venue is unique and may have great opportunities for where flowers can best be used to really WOW you and your guests.

How to trust your florist is simply allowing them creative license and discretion on the day.

The best way to maximise your florists years of experience and knowledge (plus maximise your budget) is to provide key details and elements that are important to you but then give your florist the discretion to make your dream flowers a reality. The most important thing to remember when deciding to do this is to choose your florist carefully so that you can trust their creative style is in line with your own. Then go wild!

An example of this would be:

In our experience most couples will order their church flowers and just pick what is ‘standard’ but often haven’t had a detailed look at the church set up.

When you go for your wedding rehearsal or to finalise details with the church staff, make sure you look at the type of pews and make sure it is possible to attach pew end arrangements to these. Also if you have ordered tall ceremony arrangements or altar arrangements, make sure they can be placed on the altar (as there have been times when we get to the church to set up and we are told we cannot put anything on the altar) or that there is a pillar or somewhere you would like these to go. Think about where you will be standing when you say your vows and whether the flowers will be near you (otherwise the photographer may not get them in the photos).

This applies to non religious ceremonies too. Let your florist advise you what will work best for your location and set up. Sometimes what looks great on Pinterest (which are often photoshoots) may not be sturdy in real life.

Reach out to us here at Sierra Blooms to discuss how we can bring the floral WOW factor to your wedding day while maximising your budget!

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