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Postponing Your Wedding Due to COVID and Lockdowns

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Following on from 2020, with many areas in Australia being put into lockdown again (July 2021) we’ve had a few new clients asking us about our COVID policies.

So here is a quick FAQ guide on how most businesses in the wedding industry handle having to postpone (or cancel) due to COVID lockdowns.

If I have to postpone or cancel, will I lose my deposit?

The two part answer to this would generally be:

If you choose to cancel your wedding/service a vendor is providing - then yes you would usually forfeit your deposit. As most (if not all) wedding businesses require the deposit as a non refundable retainer to secure their services for your specific wedding date. Which means they turn away other potential bookings and have lost out on those customers and income.

If you choose to postpone your wedding to a new date then some businesses may charge a fee to transfer your booking across to the new date. Some businesses will just transfer your booking across to the new date without a fee. It depends on the costs to the business.

At Sierra Blooms we are always as flexible as possible and generally do not charge a transfer fee.

What if not all of my vendors are available for my new wedding date?

Usually the new wedding date you transfer to will be dictated by the availability of your wedding venue who may give you a few options and you will then need to liaise with your other vendors to try and get everyone to fit into one of the available new dates.

Generally if you cannot get all of your vendors availability for your newly selected date you may have to forfeit your deposit for those vendors who have existing bookings with other clients on that day.

What if it’s not a lock down but there are still restrictions?

Most if not all of the wedding industry has had to work through wedding restrictions now since 2020 so the best thing to do is discuss these with your vendors to see how it may affect the original service/product you hired them for. Most vendors may have useful suggestions and workarounds to help you maximise what is available.

If you have any more questions about what's involved with your wedding flowers or if you would like to have a complimentary Skype or phone consultation about what Sierra Blooms can do for you, please reach out.

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