Wedding Bouquet Breakdown Part 2!

Let's revisit this theme and have a look at some popular colour palettes and bouquet types and what flowers we have used to make those bridal bouquets dazzle!

Cheerful Yellow

Photo Credit: Gavin Cato Photography

In this bouquet we have used:

Yellow Grandiflora roses

Quicksand roses


Pompom gerbera

White Stocks

Billy Buttons

Italian Ruscus

Dancing Lady Orchids

Geraldton wax

Cymbidium Orchids

Brezelia Berry

Lush Burgundy

Photo Credit: Clarity Photography by Krystal Dempsey

In this bouquet we have used:

Burgundy peonies

Quicksand roses

Deep red roses

Afterdark foliage

Playa Blanca roses

Italian Ruscus

Burgundy snapdragons

Leather fern

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Photo Credit: Mark Jay Photography

In this bouquet we have used:

Blue phalaenopsis

Olive foliage

Quicksand roses

Menta roses

Playa Blanca roses

Seaholly thistle

Statement Natives

Photo Credit: Shae Estella Photo

In this bouquet we used:

Eucalyptus gum




Finger banksia

Brezelia berry

Blushing bride




Geraldton wax

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