This great set comes with:


A petite wrapped meadow posy of everlasting flowers. 


Herbal Smudge Stick - once lit allow the smoke to cleanse the space. Walk from each room and think of the positive vibes you want to attract to your home.


Palo Santo Stick - Burn this to cleanse your space and ward off evil spirits


Spell Candles - Candle Magic represents the 4 elements. Earth - When unlit, Fire - Once lit, Water - When the wax melts and Air - from the smoke. Use these in your rituals which can be as simple or as complex as you feel drawn to.


Crystals - Intuitively chosen for you, crystals are used to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. They interact with your bodies energy field and be can added to your daily rituals.


Spherical Spell - This earthern magic comes with it's own instruction card to help you call forth what you are in need of.

Crystal Hamper and Wrapped Posy Package