This great set comes with:

A petite wrapped cottage posy

Dark Glass Vase

Smudge Stick

Palo Santo Stick

Spell Candle

2 Crystals

Earth Sphere Spell

Instruction cards to help get the most from these items

Romance Posy & Crystal Hamper Set

SKU: 0008
  • Channel those deep romance and passion vibes with this lusty red posy and moody dark glass vase. 

    This set also includes:

    Earthen Sphere Spell - Handmade in the wild and rugged Blue Mountains amongst the green trees and the bird song. Dried by the suns healing rays. A special gift to help heal a broken heart or draw your desires to you. 


    Smudge Stick - These are a slow burning wand of white sage. Used to cleanse a space of negative energy. 


    Palo Santo - A fragrant wood, native to Peru and Ecuador. Used to ward off eveil spirits and negative energy. 


    Spell Candle - Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting. You can have as little or as much ceremony and ritual involved as you wish. 


    Crystals (often included from below selection):

    Rose Quartz - The stone of universal love. Often used to attract love and keep it. 

    Amethyst - Relieves stress, fear, sadness & grief. It is also known for opening intuition and enhancing psychic abilities. 

    Clear Quartz - Encourages clarity and purpose for the heart and mind. Known as the Master Healer. 

    Citron Quartz - Often associated as having the healing properties of the sun. Strengthens self esteem and positivity.